Public Speaking Workshop with NJC

April 27, 2017


Fellow Toastmaster Chris McCabe gave an impressive Public speaking workshop for Newry Junior Chamber tonight at Newry Conferencing & Banqueting Centre. His presentation was broken into different sections. Firstly he concentrated on hints and tips for controlling your fear, including  such tops as


1.  Plenty of prior Practice.

2.  Recording your speeches.

3.  Exercising to release pent up energy.


He also explained how practicing in a friendly Toastmasters environment can gradually help people overcome their nerves. Chris made sure to get all the audience members to speak, each person stood up, told us their name and explained a little bit about themselves and their businesses.


 Chris with slide on 'Controlling Your Fears'

Martin Murtagh speaking about himself and his business 



Chris then went on to give out a technique on how to draw up a simple speech. He showed the slide on how to Develop an outline and explained each of the necessary steps.  To show the simplicity of the technique, he drew up an idea for a speech entitled 'The Benefits of Brexit'. He got the audience to participate by asking them how Brexit could be beneficial to the local area, e.g. staycations benefiting local business and tourism, exchange rate increasing the number of southern shoppers coming up north to shop, the possibility of developing other markets etc. He applied each of the points that the audience came up with and plotted them into a speech outline. Afterwards Chris relayed a short but interesting speech.   


 Chris explaining how to develop an outline for a speech


After the presentation, Pictures were taken with the President of Newry Junior Chamber Ryan P Sheppard.


 Chris McCabe, Ryan P Sheppard & Tony O'Callaghan





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