NSC needs helpers for Website

September 22, 2016



Hey Newry Speakers, fellow Toastmasters and visitors, Newry Speakers Club needs your help to make it the most successful Toastmasters Club, and www.newryspeakersclub.org the successful website in the district. This is the club's 10th year in existence and we plan on having a celebratory Birthday party in Feb/March of 2017 to mark 10 years from its launch. As it is a major milestone, we plan to make this one of the best years ever. 



The website will be cataloguing old pictures documents and information about the club from its earliest inception, to the present day. This may or may not be made into an audiovisual presentation that can be displayed at the club's 10th Birthday Party. The club plans to promote itself by attending various different events locally and through the use of video. 


So how can you help?



1. Club's History /Hall of Fame - Photos, Videos, Audio & Memorabilia


The website has a history section detailing the club's past committee members/roles, events attended, competitions entered. If you are a past member or even a current member that has any information old pictures, documents, video, audio etc, available, on your phone, in a box or filed away, please pass on a copy with info where available i.e. names, dates, locations, events, etc. 



In particular if you could help with getting photos or information for the gaps, this would be brilliant. Maybe you know of information that I don't have on the website whatsoever, please let me know so that I can fix it.


  Example of some of the gaps, missing pictures of committee members.



There is a hall of fame section on the website dedicated to past club competition winners, which will contain their names, the competition they won and the speech, topic or speaker and speech they evaluated will be contained. If you have won any previous contests and have a picture of yourself (with or without a trophy/certificate) please pass it on and any available info.



If there is any information on the website that you know to be incorrect please let me know so that I can fix it.


2. Help with Names/Dates/Locations


The website has a photo Gallery, but the information for the photos is not always complete, some names and dates are missing, and a ? is placed for convenience sake. To help out what you can do is click on the image and click on the arrows to go backwards and forwards. If you spot a picture with missing information let me know which one, take a screenshot of it or tell me the photo number and year. Simply send an email to seamusjl@hotmail.com




Click on the left or right arrows to scroll through the images



3. We need BLOGGERS!!


The club's members attend various different events throughout the club year, from regular meetings, themed meetings, club/area contests, club nights out and meetings with other clubs. These are great opportunities to promote the club not only on the night but subsequently via our blog.


Again you could help by providing me with pictures, documents, videos, (The general evaluator for each meeting could provide minutes) and meetings put on the blog) to upload to the website but if you are interested in blogging about these events. This is especially useful were I am not able to attend. A story from a member who has attended firsthand will generally be better than from someone who wasn't there and has no memory of the event (no matter how much content you may have).  I have sent requests through to committee members to see if they would be interested in editing the website's blog., but if you would like to contribute just let me know. 


 Send me your email and I can set you up as a Blog editor



What Can you do?


To make a great blog post the more information you have initially the better. Think like a reporter or a photographer, what information/photos of an event would you find interesting?


- It is best to take plenty of photos (or video if you can)


- Take notes about the event, names, locations, dates, times (especially for the pictures)


- Pamphlets/handouts


- Your thoughts about the event!! 



The best information can then be gleamed from the sources and posted up, making sure to make the post look nice with photos or even videos for that matter. I can add intro and closing titles to the videos, post to facebook and let me know.


 Opening & Closing titles with video of Clive evaluating Chris McCabe




4. Your Feedback & Suggestions


If you have any suggestions for improving the website, ideas on how to promote the club, etc. contact me leaving your name and any details.







I look forward to your responses.


Seamus Laverty VP of PR 2016/17