Newry Speakers Club Competition

September 23, 2016



Hey Newry Speakers, in case you have missed any meetings, we had our annual Humorous Speech and Table Topics Competition on Wednesday last (the 21st Sept). The room was well prepared by our Sergeant at Arms Phillip Robb, with bars, biscuits, cookies and cordial set up for break. 



Humorous Speech Contest

The contest chair for the Humorous Speech Section was wonderfully performed by Annie O'Hare with Colleen Hardy acting as Chief Judge, Alana Murphy as Ballot counter and Sean Magennis acting as Timekeeper for the Humorous Speech part of the night. 


Phillip Robb, Sean Magennis & Annie O'Hare



There was three wonderful humorous speeches, the order of which was allotted by a draw:



Oliver Quinn 

Marriage ... Is it a word ... Or a sentence',  



The speech emphasised how relationships can change over time and not always for the better, how some aspects of the single life or even relationships before marriage are so much easier before expectations of your partner can change. The speech was incredibly funny throughout with references to making marriage easier by registering it online without the hooha and deleting the info from an online register when it comes to an end. I particularly liked Oliver's ending about the change of emphasis from 'unto death do us part' to the younger generations, 'until someone better comes along'.



Chris McCabe

'Why did I say yes?'


Chris's speech was a humorous story about how he got pressurised into a tedious task of looking after a relatives pets, including cats, dogs, goldfish, horses, pigs, hens etc. Chris did a wonderful job of painting a picture of how the animals reacted to him staying over, feeding them, falling in mud and making humorous animal noises. He acted out trudging through the mud, feeling tired and made us truly imagine what his relatives pets were truly thinking.





Clive Power

'What is your Why?'


Clive gave a wonderful speech about the importance of following your passions in everything you do. We only have a set time on this planet and yet often we live for other people rather than ourselves. What is your why gave the audience ideas of what Clive's Why is. The challenge of finding rundown property, making a plan for getting it done up and the fun and creative process it had for Clive as a person. It was his reason for getting up every morning.






General Table Topics