10th Anniversary Success

March 13, 2017



Newry Speakers Club celebrated a milestone on Friday 3rd March with their 10th Anniversary Party at the Sugar Supper Club. We had a fantastic night of good French food, wine and almighty Irish craic. 


It was nice to see some of the original founding members of the club appear including Mary Gethins, Vincent Smyth and Declan Wynne, We were also honoured to have Lorna Wynne (Declan's wife), Patricia O'Reilly Clubs Growth Officer and Michael Woods (Dundalk Toastmasters President 2016/17) come join us for a great night.



     Vincent Smyth, Mary Gethins & Declan Wynne                   Declan Wynne, Lorna Wynne & Janet Graham



Special Toasts were given by the founding members Mary Gethins & Declan Wynne. Mary and Declan reminded the group of the special effort that went into getting the club up and running, taking a number of years to achieve its Toastmasters Charter. Mary elaborated on the names of past members including Diane Jones, David Logan, Marian Cully, Siave Kiernan, Kieran Madine, Soheil Roohipour and Nitin Sharma who all played an especially important part in the running of the early club. She explained that while it may have taken a while for the club to achieve its early aims it was more competent as a result of its earlier hardships. Declan explained how he persuaded Vincent to drive all the way up from Drogheda to chair the meetings and perform 3 or 4 roles on any given night. They would stop off for chips on the drive back to Drogheda. (Vincent spoke to me in person later that evening and said that Declan would evaluate his speeches in the car on the way back.) Declan reminisced about the fantastic work put in by Kieran Madine to the club and the fantastic public speaking ability of Nitin Sharma in particular.



Toasts were also given by Seamus Laverty VP of Public Relations. I toasted the club's 10 years in existence and passed on the heartfelt wishes of those past members who could not attend including Marian, Siave, Kieran, Diane, David and Soheil. Jennifer McMahon our Club President wished the club the best of luck and said she looked forward to the next anniversary in 10 years time. Tony O'Callaghan Area Governor, reminded the club of all the hard work of the early club members that he spoke alongside and that it was important to remember their contribution as without them the club would not be were it was today. He expressed the wishes that the Newry Club would expand and have even mores success in the future. 












A final Toast was given by Clubs Growth Officer Patricia O'Reilly. She expressed delight at the club success and explained how as clubs growth officer she was in charge of getting new clubs off the ground and keeping them up and running. She praised the marvellous job that the present members had done in keeping the club going, and the recent work in setting up the new club website and newsletter.


After the Toasts Club President Jennifer cut the special birthday cake we had made for the event and we settled down for some tea, coffee and desert. 


                       10th Anniversary Cake                                                              Tony (Area Governor) and

                                                                                                             Jennifer (Club President) Cutting the cake