Club International Speech & Evaluation Competition

March 19, 2017



Newry Speakers held the second of their annual club competition nights on Wednesday 15th March. We had guests come along including, Janet Graham, Vincent Smyth, Michael Woods and Charles Barker. Our very own Carmel Mohan was our Contest Chair for the evening, ensuring the meeting ran successfully. Marian Delduca took on the role of Topicsmaster, Edel Halpin was our Timekeeper and Alana Murphy was our Sergeant at arms.


Alana opened the meeting with a customary check to ensure that everyone had their phones switched off and that we were aware of the safety/evacuation procedure. Our Club President Jennifer thanked our guests for travelling a great distance to come and be with us on the evening and wished the contestants the best of luck on the night.



Marian as Topicsmaster got the club motivated by asking 'How do you view St Patrick's day' with everyone attending giving an answer, Carmel then introduced each of the speakers for our Club International Speech Contest, with speeches from Chris McCabe, Mary Sands & Keith Cochrane.



Chris gave a speech entitled 'The Day my Life Changed', about how he developed his love for computers at primary school, his pursuing software programming as a hobby and how he had to make an all out effort to move from working at McDonalds to becoming a software engineer. 






Keith entertained us with a speech entitled, 'The Broken Man'.  His talk mentioned the importance of mental health, how he had to overcome some issues by adopting Counselling and Meditation. He explained the importance of realising that we can all feel broken at times but that we should not feel bad about asking others for help.




Mary gave us a speech  entitled, 'Rediscovering the Art of Listening'. She elaborated on how as Children we start out as great listeners, but that over time we loose out on this skill, whether through our chores and everyday duties, we get distracted. She explained the importance of listening to building relationships and she explained how if we look out for tone and pitch we can better understand that person.


Carmel gave out certificates of participation to the three speakers and Marian Delduca as Topicsmaster asked the audience some more questions how happiness.


 Carmel hands out certificates of participation to the International Speech Contestants



 Guest Speaker

Charles Barker