Upcoming Club Humorous Speech & Table Topics Contests

September 8, 2017


Hey Newry Speakers


At our next meeting on Wednesday 20th of September, we will be having our annual Club Humorous Speech & Table Topics Contests. If you have a speech prepared for the Humorous Speech section please contact Tony our VP of Education on tonymaximus1983@hotmail.co.uk.  As for everyone else, be on your toes you might be thrown into the deep end for the table topics contest. If you don't already know what Table Topics are or if you are unsure of how they go please check out the videos below.



Ovidiu Oltean - Table Topics (1st Place District 95 Impromptu Speech Contest 2014)


District 53, Table Topics Speech Contest #8 by Ogewu Agbese


For some hints and ideas on how to do an impromptu speech, watch the video below:


Impromptu Speaking Techniques : How to speak without any preparation! (3 Keys)




I look forward to seeing you at our next meeting.












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