Newry Speakers 1st Meeting, at Ballybot House.

September 13, 2017



Unfortunately, I could not make the first meeting, but thankfully Seamus gathered the information for me to complete this post. Thank you, Seamus.

The new venue, from what I hear is a real winner. Well done to Chris, Oliver, and Seamus for sorting that out, greatly appreciated. As the saying goes, change is as good as a rest.

It turned out I wasn’t the only one that had a bit of summer hangover, as there was no postmaster, um counter or word master. The old faithful turned out in style. So a massive thanks to all that made an effort to make the opening night a successful one




Andrea delivered a powerful poem. Gone, But Not Forgotten by Marilyn Ferguson


Gone, but not forgotten
This pain, I cannot hide
In memory, I see you
A million tears, I've cried.

The tender thoughts you left me
Come to my memory
Your loving smile, so precious
Will always be with me.

You visit me in summer
When flowers are in bloom
Upon a ray of sunshine
A star-lit night in June.

When winds are gently blowing
Across a cloudless sky
Within a rolling meadow
Where horse and cattle lie.

I see you in the treetops
As summer comes to be
In shadows, you do linger
A soul so young and free.

I see you in the garden
Your scent does fill the air
Just like a precious flower
A rose, so ever fair.

On country roads, I find you
Along the wooded lane
Within the distant thunder
I see you in the rain.

In early hush of morning
You come without a sound
Upon a blazing sunset
Your memory can be found.

Like sprigs of morning glory
Upon the vine, they grow
With branches reaching outward
Into my heart, you go.

Just like a special angel
God wrapped you in His care
And took you off to heaven
To live with Him, up there.

But often, I still see you
Upon a light blue sky
And long so much to hold you
Why did you have to die?



First Speech

Tony gave an excellent speech on the 3 keys to a successful and happy life.


Key number one was Hard work. There is no such thing as overnight success, e.g., Dyson's ball vacuum cleaner, 5000 prototypes to get right, and David Beckham’s 50,000 free kick attempts to perfect his technique, which reminded me of this video, this is the power of hard work on your craft.



The second key was dealing with adversity, Tony spoke about how many successful people had to overcome Dyslexia e g. Richard Branson never looked at Dyslexia as a setback, but merely a different way of thinking. Now he is one of the richest men in the world.

Other examples Included, Albert Einstein, Henry Ford, and Steve Jobs all of whom had Dyslexia.

In life, we all deal with adversity; adversity can come in many different forms. It can be as simple as the negative story we continue to tell ourselves. We tell ourselves we are not smart enough, fit enough, disciplined enough. Powerful second key from Tony.

The third key is possibly the most important key, learning from our mistakes. Tony made the point, if we didn't learn from mistakes, we would never know how to ride a bicycle or drive a car


Success in any area of life is massive failure. The people that succeed are rarely any more talented than you and I, the difference is they failed more times than we have even tried.


Tony explained how Toastmasters is all about learning from your mistakes. Its the act of just giving it a go, failure needs to be looked at positively. Failure means growth; you fail - you apply - you improve.


Tony finished off by explaining how back in 2007/08 he lost his job and was in a bad position within his life, and how through Toastmasters he learned that success is not just about hard work, but includes the other two keys. Since then he has had the chance to resurrect his software engineering career, is in a good job, has been appointed an area governor in Toastmasters, and married his partner.


All Tony's success came from applying the three keys.



Second Speech


Mary was the second speech on the night; it's always a pleasure to hear her informative speeches. There is always something to take away.

Mary's speech explained the health benefits of beetroot on our bodies, how it affects our glucose levels for the better.


How it contains ingredients which delays the onset of dementia, as it contains potassium which is good for brain development.

She also explained the many ways in which it can be prepared and eaten, showing picture's of beetroot soup, getting the audience involved. Mary also used humor, saying she didn't particularly like the color of it.


She also explained the health benefits of Dandelions, explaining that the residue/milk in the stem can have therapeutic effects and is useful for getting rid of warts. She revealed her hopes that people would not see them simply as weeds and learn to see there benefits.




Two excellent speeches on the night by Tony and Mary. Heart felt poem from Andrea. Phillip was the trusted timekeeper. Edel excelled as topics master, keeping topics relatable to all. The result was many entertaining personal stories, best to stay in the board room.

All in all a fantastic first meeting, full of wisdom, knowledge, and humor. Giving information to all in attendance to use and apply in the forthcoming weeks.

Thanks again to Seamus for forwarding notes and pictures from the night.


The next meeting is on the 20th September.

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