Wednesday 4th October Meeting at Ballybot House.

October 14, 2017

Chris McCabe opened the meeting as President in Tony’s O’Callaghan absence. Chris was just back from 2 months in Thailand for his honeymoon; a massive congratulations to Chris. he entertained the audience with a few short stories one of which was about getting a TV that was too big for his room.


Toast Master for the night was Andrea Burns taking up the role for the first time and did an excellent job; meeting ran smoothly. Plenty of encouragement to all which was good to see. Word Master for the evening was Martin Farmer using the world Zonked, meaning to be exhausted or under the influence of alcohol. The word was used four times over the duration of the meeting.

Poet Master was Chris Mc Cabe. Chris delivered an excellent poem which was appropriate to a computer guru, called 10 Gb. Very entertaining indeed.

Stage Speechs



"A National Epidemic"


First up on the night was Edel Nolan with a speech called “A National Epidemic.” Edel talked about the growing obesity problem in Ireland. The speech was very informative and factual. For me, the most worrying part of the speech was the fact that uniform makers are now getting orders up to 46in waist for 12-year-olds. This is very very worrying. Edel use of paused was excellent and kept the audience entertained. Well done Edel for a well-delivered speech.


Our increasing Waist Size


“A Forgotten Newry Man”


Second on the night was Seamus Laverty with his speech entitled, “A Forgotten Newry Man.” Seamus talked about Denis Caulfield Brady, a man of great importance within Newry and N.Ireland as a whole. The speech was delivered with great passion; Seamus is very interested in history, and it showed. It was clear how much research and hard work Seamus put into this speech which was both captivating and exciting.



Denis Caulfield Brady (1802/3-1886) 


Topic Master 
Topic's master on the evening was Philip Robb, who provided a variety of topics where most members took the opportunity to speak; airing their personal views.  The topics were humorous with a couple of references to one of my favourite writers, Mark Twain; One of the topics entitled, Is the lack of money the route of all evil.  Topics were appealing, engaging and provided great laughter.  Philip always excels in the role of topic master as his topics are very relatable.




Two excellent speeches on the night by Edel and Seamus. A Very humorous poem from Chris. Sean Magennis was the trusted timekeeper. Philip excelled as topics master, keeping topics relatable to all— the result gave most people a chance to get up and add their personal views.

All in all a fantastic meeting, full of wisdom, knowledge, and humor, giving information to all in attendance to use and apply in the forthcoming weeks.

Big thanks to Carmel Mohan who did an excellent job both on the night as General Evaluator and for helping me with this blog post. Thank you, Carmel.

The next meeting is on the Wed 18th October.


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