Wed 1st November Meeting

November 2, 2017

Tony’s O’Callaghan the club VP of Education opened the meeting. Toast Master for the night was Oliver Quinn who brought his humour to the role, doing an excellent job. Meeting had good energy and everything ran smoothly. Well-done Oliver.


Poet Master was Martin Farmer who delivered a poem called, Mighty Oak by Kathy Parenteau; a living American poet & writer from Belton Texas. Thought provoking, enjoyed by all.


Mighty Oak

By Kathy Parenteau


Stand tall oh mighty oak, for all the world to see,

your strength and undying beauty forever amazes me.


Though storm clouds hover above you,

your branches span the sky,

in search of the radiant sunlight you

count on to survive.


When the winds are high and restless and

you lose a limb or two,

it only makes you stronger, we

could learn so much from you.


Though generations have come and gone

and brought about such change,

quietly you've watched them all yet still

remained the same.


I only pray God give to me the strength he's

given you,

to face each day with hope, whether

skies are black or blue,


Life on earth is truly a gift

every moment we must treasure,

it's the simple things we take for granted

that become our ultimate pleasures.


Stage Speechs


 "Which Wolf Wins"



First up on the night was Philip Rob with a speech called “Which Wolf Wins.” Philip has a natural story telling ability and took the audience on an adventure, telling the story of two men that were met on the outskirts of a town by an old man working with his son.


Both asked what kind of town it was before entering. The wise man simply asked them, what was the town like from which you came? One of the men had a negative attitude the other positive.


The wise man simply agreed with both saying the town was exactly like the one from which they came. When the second man was out of sight, the wise man’s son asked his father, “why did you agree with both men.”


He answered, “we both have two wolfs inside us: a positive one, who is friendly and kind and a negative one, who is quick to anger and finds faults with everything.”


Then his son asked him, “which wolf wins.” To which the wise man replied, “the one you feed.”


Amazing speech. Everyone was whisked away for 7 minutes on a story that ended with a deep meaningful message that really hit home. Very well done Philip.





'Data Protection Freedom of Information'



Second on the night was Carmel Mohan with her speech entitled, “Data Protection Freedom of Information.” Carmel gave a very professional power point presentation that was both well delivered and informative.


Some very scary facts revealed. We all think that free WIFI is free, never thinking that the company could and probably are taking our information to sell to marketing companies.


As Carmel said, “It could cost you if your not careful.


With Wi-Fi protection now available on phones, it’s time I signed up. Especially since we are now transferring money and making payments on a daily weekly basis. Very passionate speech that really got everyone’s attention; making them more aware of the dangers.




Topic Master


Topics master on the evening was Chris McCabe. Chris is the President this year and it is very clear why, topics very well planned as usual. He delivered many different topics that got all involved.


An excellent story-building topic got everyone involved, as well as adding several laughs was a highlight of the evening. Even a few words can lift your confidence.


The night was full of energy, enjoyed by all in attendance.


At the close of the meeting Tony O Callaghan said a few words about how it was a great meeting. Very encouraging words as always from Tony. Another great meeting at the new venue, which is starting to feel like home.






Two excellent speeches on the night by Philip and Carmel, well done again. Very enjoyable poem from Martin. Robert excelled in his timekeeper role. Chris as topics master, kept us all entertained and gave plenty of laughs.

Another great meeting. Until next week all the best.


The next meeting is on the November 15, Ballybot House 7:45

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