"The Only...Constant in Life..." 06-12-2017

December 7, 2017





Our meeting was very ably opened by Carmel Mohan with her usual Safety, Toilet and mobile phone address (pity Carmel forgot to turn off her own mobile) Andrea took up the role as Toastmaster and performed the job exceptionally well. She introduced the people and their roles clearly and told us a little bit of information about each person standing up. Andre made sure to keep the meeting running on time as closely as possible.





Martin Farmer did a fantastic job as our wordmaster. He gave a nice definition of the word and used it in a sentence.


adjective: "able to travel freely and do as one pleases due to a lack of responsibilities or commitments."

I am footloose and fancy-free —I can follow my job wherever it takes me"He asked that those in attendance to make sure and use the word as he would be counting it. 




Stage Speeches


The Only Thing Constant in Life is Change  - Conor McKeown


Conor is a returning member of Newry Speakers Club. He was with our club back in 2010 and 2011 and represented us at the area Competitions in April of 2010. As it has been some time since Conor's been with us he has decided to start with his icebreaker speech, although with the quality of his speech he needn't have done so. Conor used his speech to help us get to know him better. He told us about his time in College, his travels and his first job. He also gave us a little info about the challenges he has overcome on his travels and in building up his own business. Conor's speech had good vocal variety and he painted a picture with his words. A thoroughly enjoyable first speech back, we look forward to his next. 



What did you say? - Edel Halpin

Edel gave us an excellent presentation on communication with dogs. Edel showed how attacks from dogs are preventable occurrences when people have a thorough understanding of the signs of happy and unhappy dogs. The Presentation was well delivered with great composure, the visuals were nice and large and easy to see and the information was just the right amount for her slides. The presentation definitely gave us a lot to think about and know what signs to look out for in future to prevent attacks and dogs being unnecessarily put down.




Seamus was our Topicsmaster for this evening and entertained the crowd with a selection of interesting questions and games. We played a game called alphabet soup with each person having to say a sentence and then the following person having to say a little more until everyone ha spoken and until a short story has been made up. The story went a bit of the rails with firemen and one legged dogs, but it was definitely humorous. Other questions asked included what speakers or speeches has inspired audience members. 




Marian Delduca evaluated Conor's speech. She praised Conor for an excellent speech which she said was well delivered and had professional pacing. Marian said that Conor painted some great visuals and that it was easy for us to follow the journey he took us on. As for an improvement Marian suggested that Conor should try and incorporate more humour into the speech, but said that would come in time. She also advised that as a group we should try and avoid the podium which can be easy to hide behind.




Carmel evaluated Edel's speech and said that Edel did a thoroughly professional presentation. The graphics were nice and easy to follow and the information was just right for the presentation. She found the presentation informative and really interesting. She said that Edel used good vocal variety and made great use of the room. She advised Edel that to improve she could try and look forward more and less at the monitor, which was a little distracting and could e seen as putting a barrier between herself and the audience. The presentation was something she clearly knew and was passionate about and this would help with future presentations. 



General Evaluation 


Oliver Quinn as General Evaluator evaluated the entire evening. He commented on  how the meeting ran very closely to Time and how Andrea ensured the meeting ran really well. He said he enjoyed Carmel's opening msg, but pity someone forgot to turn off their phone (nude, nudge, wink, wink) He said bothe evaluations were excellent, using the formula of the sandwich technique and he won't say much about the topics as they went a little of topic with the dog etc.  



Close of Meeting

Chris our president organised the roles for our next meeting, and explained how he hoped to the club would meet its goals of achieving select distinguished club this year under his tutorship. He said we were very close to achieving such a goal and he looked forward to