"This Year I Will...." 03-01-2018

January 4, 2018





"This Year I Will...." - Andrea Burns

Andrea gave us a really interesting speech about New Years Resolutions and how most people fail to achieve them or give them up within a matter of a few weeks. She showed us how psychology is important when it comes to the planning of new resolutions. Andrea explained that we have an internal mental framework and narrative about ourselves. We have labels that we use to describe ourselves and this can hinder change. She explains that when we try and undergo a radical change this is why it doesn't stick. By making smaller incremental changes, we construct new mental images of ourselves over a longer period of time and these stick. Andre used plenty of facts and figures to bring her talk to life and it was very relatable. Indeed her speech itself proved the point it made. she explained how she worked on it a little each day, writing a few lines, and it goes to show how small changes can lead to bigger things. 




"The Best Worst Idea Ever" - Chris McCabe

Chris provided an excellent talk on one of his passions, 'Business'.  He proceeded to explain how he loves reading books on business and also autobiographies on some of the most famous of business people. Chris then went on to tell us the story about how one business, with a seemingly very bad idea went on to make a success of itself. He pulled us in from the very start explaining how some of the most successful business brands are verbs e.g. Google, and then showed how Travis Kalanick sacrified alot and put up extremely large debts to make Uber succeed. Explaining how a business with no vehicles, and no employees (as such) can go on and become successful in spite of going against commonly held business notions.