"Your Trip to Canada" 20-12-2017

December 21, 2017







Your Next Visit to Western Canada - Teresa Hufnagl


Our guest Teresa Hufnagl lives in Canada and has a son living and working in the Republic of Ireland. She was planning to visit and said she would like to give us a speech, which we were more than delighted to hear.  Teresa gave us a Fantastic power-point presentation on Western Canada. The talk had everything, there was plenty of facts and figures, lovely images of State building, scenic parks and snow covered landscapes. Teresa used great humour throughout her speech and she used photos and video of her family to make the talk relate-able.  A very powerful speech tat definitely encouraged people to look into Western Canada as a possible holiday destination in future. 




"Pine or Plastic" - Mary Sands

Mary gave us an excellent speech on the History of Christmas and Christmas trees. She spoke about how various villages in Austria competed over the title of having the first ever Christmas tree, and she talked about the making of some of the earliest decorations for them, which were mostly edible. Mary used props to show us the importance of the Christmas tree in modern times too, but also to show how the ideas of Christmas trees have evolved over time. She then went into explaining to us the pros and cons of Pine and plastic Christmas trees, explaining how for environmental reasons, the plastic ones were preferable. She finally put the question to the audience with most concurring with herself on the merits of plastic.